Why Use a Virtual Private Server (VPS) when Trading Forex

What is a VPS?

VPS stands for Virtual Private Server. A VPS uses virtualization technology to “split” one physical hardware server into multiple virtual servers. The word ‘private’ implies that each Virtual server has its own resources so you won’t have to share RAM and CPU with other users. Additionally, since each VPS is a different layer on the physical server it can have its own Operating System and host data in non-shared hard disk sectors which enhance the VPS’ performance & the user’s data security.

Why Do I Need VPS to Trade Forex?

Among various benefits that a VPS offers to a user, we have summarized the 3 most important reasons to use it when trading forex:

  1. To ensure your MT4/MT5 terminal stays online. It reduces the risk of loss due to power outages of your personal computer/laptop or internet disconnections. A 24/7 uptime of your Forex trading platform is crucial especially if you are trading using a robot or Expert Advisors (EA).
  2. Faster trade execution. By using a VPS in the same (or as near as possible) location as your Forex broker, you are able to open and close trades much faster than would otherwise be possible. In order to make the best choice when choosing a VPS provider we recommend that you ask for Ping/Latency results. Based on the results choose the provider with the lowest possible latency.
  3. Fully Managed Forex VPS Hosting. We understand that you, as a Forex Trading hobbyist or professional, might not be a technical expert to maintain any Operating System Updates or troubleshoot issues as may arise. Search for VPS Hosting companies that offer Managed VPS so they can help you with any aspects of your VPS environment.

What are the VPS specifications I will need?

VPS Servers that are used for Forex Trading will have Windows Operating System. In most VPS providers you will be asked to choose among Windows Server 2012 R2, Windows Server 2016 or latest. Any of these are good to be chosen.

In terms of the hardware resources, the minimum requirements you should seek to properly run your Trading terminal are:

1 vCPU
40GB Hard Disk
1 Public Dedicated IP
No Antivirus, No Firewall (unless you are an experienced user)

The above specs can be altered/upgraded depending on the number of trading terminals you wish to run simultaneously.

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