Why Offshore Hosting Is Considered the Best?

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3 min readApr 27, 2020

Have you already heard about offshore web hosting? Generally speaking, hosting a website through an offshore service provider implies dependencies reduction and tax-saving business policy. These are two purported benefits of availing of this hosting option. So, if you’re looking for the best website host, an offshore hosting service provider could be the answer. It provides reduced set-up costs and minimizes infrastructure complexity. And most importantly, it can help your business succeed.

Expounding things regarding offshore hosting is important before you’re going to decide in favor of this hosting choice. Of course, you don’t have to choose it if you don’t fully understand how it works and why it is considered as the best website hosting in the world today. There are things that must be clarified and underscored.

Facts about Offshore Hosting

Offshore website hosting is actually a highly trusted system of hosting website data regardless of the content. It means that there is no restriction as to the content that is going to be made “live”. Hosting is implemented through a server that is situated outside your own country.

In other words, if a site is hosted through a foreign-based dedicated server, it is an offshore web hosting process. And there are beneficial impacts associated with it. That is why more people trust it today.

In today’s business system, hosting a website through an offshore server has become an acceptable system. It has resulted to the avoidance of security and privacy issues.

Some of the real factors why website owners may choose this hosting option are copyrighted content, DMCA content, adult content, and hacking. So, those behind the content that is usually prohibited in one country are relying upon offshore dedicated servers because their operation can hardly be stopped.

Aside from the reasons cited above, there are more benefits of an offshore hosting, such as:

  • Loose taxation policies
  • Boosted profit chances
  • Unrestricted government regulations
  • Supported confidentiality laws
  • No interference in business activities

Explaining Why Offshore Website Hosting Is the Best?

When it comes to the benefits of an offshore web hosting, it is important that you are fully knowledgeable. It plays a vital role so that you can come up with a sound decision based on your will and interest.

First, hosting a website through an offshore server can allow you to ignore DMCA which stands for Digital Millennium Copyright Act. It is a copyrighted law that has been promulgated and enacted since 1998. Though some would say that it is only applicable to those who are under the US jurisdiction, but when your website goes global, this law governs your website once it penetrates the US soil. To evade from the harshness of this law, offshore hosting should be chosen.

Second, offshore web hosting provides an extensive acceptability policy. Unlike the non-offshore option, an offshore service provider lets you have more activities and content to be run on their servers. There is no limit as to the content that is going to be run. The content may include gambling websites, torrent websites, hacking websites, and mass mailing. It serves as one of the greatest factors why people opt offshore hosting.

Third, offshore web hosting servers are located overseas. Try to imagine a remote island that no one can reach. There are no regulations and policies that dictate the kind of content that is going to be published on the web. So, if your business is having content that is somehow prohibited, this hosting plan is your best option. One of the service providers available today is Netshop ISP. It is operating in Cyprus, Malta and the United Kingdom.

Fourth, there should be no confusion between offshore hosting and bulletproof hosting. Brute-force activities or DoS script are not allowed by any offshore based web host. It means to say that offshore web hosting is not similar to bulletproof hosting. There is still limitation as far as activities are concerned. Despite the fact that an offshore web hosting can be cheaper compared to onshore hosting, the cited activities are not allowed. So if you want to cover those activities, it is advised that you choose bulletproof website hosting because sky is the limit there. But one repercussion is that bulletproof hosting is so expensive.