Why Is There No Free Offshore Hosting?

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3 min readApr 24, 2020

A website needs a hosting in a server because it does not exist being alone. For this reason, all business websites should get a web hosting that is either free or paid. Yes, there are free hosting packages, but there are also web hosts that you have to pay and one of them is an offshore hosting.

This article will explain why there is no free offshore-based hosting. To understand it better, you must go beyond the question “why.” You need to understand the entirety of an offshore hosting in order to arrive at an idea why it is not free at all.

Let’s now focus our attention to the server. A server is a large computer device that must operate endlessly. Yes, it must not shut down. It is being connected to the web or Internet. But there is also a server that is connected to another server. A server is catering to the resources and data of a website that is being hosted.

What Is Offshore Hosting?

Generally speaking, there are 2 types of web hosting. Each type depends on the location of the server that serves the website being hosted. Hosting a website in an offshore location, meaning in another country, is called as “Offshore Website Hosting.” On the other hand, a website that is hosted in the same location or country is known as “Web Hosting.”

Web hosting is the most popular type being used to host a site. Many website users opt this kind of hosting. Why? Many people consider web hosting as more credible and secure.

However, there are also people who choose the offshore hosting type due to several factors. One of the biggest reasons why they choose it is anonymity. Furthermore, there is a good pricing scheme with offshore web hosting, plus the fact that when it comes to legal matters, hosting a website in an offshore location is not legally risky.

Is Offshore Web Hosting an Ideal Choice?

Maybe yes, maybe not. It would depend on the purpose of your website and on other related matters. If you want to run a website in an anonymous capacity due to the content of your website then this type of website hosting can be the most ideal for you. There are companies that can cater to this hosting need. One of the companies available today is Netshop. They operate in the United Kingdom, Cyprus, and Malta.

Offshore website hosting has been known for its numerous benefits as briefly explicated above. But of course, there can also be disadvantages with this type of web hosting. To name a few, offshore hosting must be understood well in terms of its working environment. The time zone difference between the host and the hosted must also be made clear.

Why Is Hosting a Site in an Offshore Location Not Free?

Web hosting, or the type of hosting a website in the same country, can be free. That’s why it is more popular than the offshore one due to this free package. But there is no free hosting with an offshore server.

It is not free due to the fact that an offshore web hosting offers the best service ever. Its hosting quality is definitely high. It is using the most modern technologies and tools like the use of SSD hard disc that makes its hosting capacity very fast in terms of speed and performance. Administration-wise, hosting a website offshore is quite good. It is coupled by a proper technical support and optimisation. It is worth the money you are going to pay due to its full-scale benefits.

It has been used by online gaming, e-Sports, and other highly sensitive websites. They are using this hosting type because of these reasons:

  • No legal restriction
  • Existing anonymity
  • Low costs for a full pro support
  • Safety and security
  • Freedom with no extensive boundaries
  • No state or government regulations

There are businesses that need premium services for their anonymous website operation. In this case, they need an offshore hosting because it is the only way for them to be present online. Furthermore, there is also a tendency that the price of offshore web hosting is lower than web hosting plans.

In choosing a website host, you need to make sure that you fully understand the entire details of the web hosting provider. Otherwise, your investment can be compromised.