When Will iGaming Become Mainstream in America?

iGaming advertising in the US

Now that some states have issued licenses to online gaming operators, Google has also updated its gambling and games policy. The company now allows operators to run advertisements through the platform. The advertisements can be viewed in Colombia, Kenya and Nigeria. Now, it has also expanded the promotion to US states that have allowed online gaming.

Ongoing discussion

Everybody knows that when there is acceptance in America, the rest of the world follows. For now, there are only limited areas where online betting is really a mainstream betting hobby — some European countries and a few African nations. But of course, discussions are ongoing to make America an iGaming destination.

Campaign for online betting

The Supreme Court still has not ruled whether the provisions under the Federal Wire Act affect online gambling. The Justice Department, though, ruled that the law covers all kinds of online gambling and not just sports betting. But the implementation of the law, along with the latest interpretation, was delayed to give businesses time to be compliant with existing laws.



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