What Is Offshore Hosting?

To some people who just started using the Internet for business, web hosting could be new and astonishing to hear. In fact, there are tons of web hosting types that they can use to manage their website and database. One of those web hosting types is offshore hosting.

Offshore hosting can host your website, data or application through a far datacenter location. There are tons of reasons why it has to be used. Reasons like hosting copyrighted content, DMCA content, hacking websites, and adult content websites are just one of the few. Most people use this type of hosting because it is not that easy to shut it down, and it’s definitely hard to contact.

It is known to be used as a host for promoting illegitimate, forbidden, or banned stuff in a country. Let’s take Poker and casino as our examples. These are illegal in some countries in the world, so hosting websites for them is prohibited. But offshore hosting can allow the owners of those gambling activities to run related websites. Technically speaking, it is a type of hosting that hosts a website on foreign servers.

However, it will still depend on the website or app that you are running and the requirements that you need to meet to host offshore. The term also focuses on achieving a specific goal that is related to privacy, security, and freedom of speech.

Types of Offshore Hosting Packages

Below are the following types of offshore hosting packages.

Offshore Shared Hosting

It is the type of offshore hosting, from the name itself, that is being shared in the most economical and common choice. It gives users an advantage through shared resources from a physical server to establish the online presence of their website.

Offshore VPS Hosting

This type of offshore hosting comes with a package bundle of shared hosting and committed servers. A single physical server is divided into multiple virtual servers, which give VPS a guaranteed RAM and CPU.

Offshore Dedicated Server

To start off, dedicated hosting is the best option for companies that can reach to thousands of users through running mission-critical applications. Unlike shared or VPS offshore hosting, it is a physical server that offers dedicated resources. Dedicated hosting will allow its customers full control and authority on the server.

Why Choose an Offshoring Web Host?

Offshoring, together with outsourcing, is done mostly by companies today. This is because it offers a major feature that can benefit one’s business: globalization.

Also, when it comes to government interest in business activities, we all know it’s a bit heavy. Through regulations, taxes, censorship, and criminalization, every country’s government has made it hard for businesses to engage in certain things. It also makes their business less profitable.

Comparing Offshore Website Hosting

Offshore hosting gives you tons of reasons why you should use this type of web hosting. One reason is to avoid censorship and staying anonymous. However, not all web hosts provide this kind of privacy and freedom.

The best feature of offshore hosting is its commitment to privacy and security. It has liberal use policies, and they accept cryptocurrencies such as bitcoins. There are countries that can be risky to pick hosts in, just like those non-intrusive countries. However, advanced hosting such as the VPS can be important.

In addition, offshore hosting is most popular in businesses that are limited because of the jurisdiction they are in.


Just like any other web hosting, it has its own advantages and disadvantages. This is important for users to know because this is a factor that should be considered in choosing a host for your website.

One main drawback if you want this type of hosting to cater to your needs is its cost. Despite this, you can still opt this hosting plan as it can save your company more money as your business is going global. There are lots of free hosting sites but this one is not free at all.

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