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2 min readMay 18, 2021


myNetShop is an intuitive, purpose-built, self-service portal to manage your Web Hosting and Servers, communicate with our 24/7 customer service team and pay for your Invoices.

Whilst your shared web hosting account can be fully managed from the cPanel’s control panel interface, yet there are circumstances where the myNetShop portal can be useful to perform certain actions for your hosting account.

When Does myNetShop Come Handly for Hosting Management

1. Your IP address is blocked on cPanel server

One of the most common reasons your IP address might get blocked on cPanel’s firewall is when you have forgotten your e-mail’s login credentials. For security reasons, our firewall is triggered to auto-block your IP address after 5 failed login attempts within 300 seconds.

Whilst you can always contact our Support team to unblock your IP address, you can also login to your myNetShop account, navigate to your cPanel hosting service and change your e-mail account’s password instantly.

2. Forgotten cPanel Login Credentials

It happens! In case you have forgotten your cpanel login credentials, myNetShop is an easy way to quickly access your hosting service and either reset your cPanel’s password or perform the actions you have to do without losing time.

3. cPanel’s UI Can Be Confusing

Even though cPanel is considered to be the #1 web hosting control panel, people tend to get confused when seeing a page with a lot of functionality buttons. The way we have integrated cPanel into myNetShop, you get 1 page with all the important administration actions on the side so you can easily navigate to the section you wish and quickly complete your needed task.

Check out the following 8-minute video to explore how you can benefit from the myNetShop portal for managing your cPanel hosting service.

All our cPanel Web hosting plans start from €5 per month and are available in Cyprus, Malta and the United Kingdom.

For those who need larger plans can also consider our brand-new Reseller Web Hosting plans that come with a FREE Domain Name!

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