Unveiling the Difference between Web Hosting and Domain Name

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3 min readApr 13, 2020

A website consists of two main aspects: website hosting and domain name. Are these two similar from each other? Or, are they different? This blog post will try to give you a detailed explanation about the two. It is important to have a clarified thought because a shuffled idea can compromise your business. If you’re planning to have a website, it is a must that you understand the difference between the two.

What is Web Hosting?

A web hosting is simply a computer with a server where business site owners can store their sites. It is akin to a library where all books are stored. The stored books are compiled and arranged properly. In the same way, a computer that represents web hosting operates your websites, and stores and manages the files and content in different formats, such as:

  • HTML
  • Documents
  • Images
  • Videos
  • And so on

Then, the provider of a web hosting service is known as a web host. In other words, a web host allows any business entities, organizations, agencies, or even individuals to rent a computer and a server for the purpose of hosting a particular website. With an Internet connectivity provided, anybody can access to your website contents and files with an ease.

Furthermore, a web hosting company should also have a server maintenance system. During downtimes, the host must be able to see to it that the data of your website are protected and secured. That is why there is a necessity to have a root configuration, backup, disaster recovery system, and technical and maintenance support. Without these aspects, it is suggested that you should not rely on a particular web host that is being promoted on the Internet.

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What Is a Domain Name?

A domain name simply refers to the address or URL of your website. It is the name that comes after https:// or http://. It is basically the branded or optimized name of your business, company, or blog. Is it important? Yes, of course! You can never have a website if you don’t have a domain name first.

In order for you to have a name for your website, you need to go to a domain registrar. There you can register your own domain name. You can also check here a domain name if it is existing or not.

It is vital to check the existence of a particular domain name. Otherwise, you can’t register a name for your website if ever the name you want to use already exists. As well, your registered domain name is a representation of your brand and business. So, you also need to conceptualize carefully the name that is appropriate for your business.

A name for your website is actually not physical. It is an intangible matter. But its significance is highly considered because without it you can’t have a running site. A typical example of a domain name is YourBusiness.com.

Eventually, all domain names can’t be duplicated. They are unique. It is dramatically important so that your business website can have a fair chance to rank on the different search engines.

Website Hosting and Domain Name Intersect

Without a web hosting service provider and a domain name, you don’t have a website. A domain name is akin to your home address, while a website hosting is likened to the house space where the necessary stuff like furniture and other house furnishing can be found.

Website naming should consist of set of words and can as well be done with a combination of numbers. In relation to website hosting, computer hard disk, memory and server are used to store, process and manage contents/files.

Are you still confused of the idea of whether or not the two are different? They are ultimately different but they are both important. There is no website without registering a domain name and in the absence of a web host.

They have to co-exist; otherwise, your website can’t be realized. In crafting your website name you should consider the brand and identity that you want to expose. In choosing a web hosting company, you also have to make sure that it meets the requirements and requisites, like the provision of 24/7 technical support, among other things.

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