Top 5 Cloud Computing Trends in 2023

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3 min readMar 13, 2023

Cloud computing is a term that refers to the delivery of computing services on-demand, via the internet. These resources include servers, data storage and databases. As the internet has evolved, cloud computing has also transformed significantly, having become an essential service for most organizations and individuals. In this article we’ll take a look at the five most impactful cloud computing trends to expect in 2023.


Many organizations have come to realize the benefits of diversifying their services across multiple cloud providers and we can expect more businesses to follow suit in 2023. By matching specific capabilities to various providers, a multi-cloud environment offers more flexibility for workload optimization, ultimately improving efficiency and productivity. A multi-cloud strategy also provides heightened security and reliability by ensuring resources are always available, as well as better failover and redundancy options that reduces the chance of downtime and system errors.

In addition to heightened performance and resilience, many businesses prefer not to rely solely on one vendor as to not hinder innovation and growth. Overall, we can expect to see many more businesses adopting a multi-cloud approach in 2023.


Blockchain technology has been revolutionary over the last decade, although interest in it began to skyrocket in 2020. Put simply, Blockchain is an open ledger that several parties can access at once, but cannot be edited by any third-party. Transaction records are always correct as it is a decentralized system, with no intermediary.

In 2023, we expect blockchain to be utilized in order to improve existing cloud solutions. For instance, due to the large amount of data that is dealt with in cloud computing, data insecurity is always a concern. The centralized architecture of cloud computing means the central server could be targeted by hackers, so there is potential in using blockchain’s decentralized system to mitigate this risk and improve overall security.


Kubernetes (K8s), is an open-source container orchestration system that automates operational tasks like deployment, scaling, and management. Kubernetes has been widely adopted due its flexibility, ability to improve productivity and multi-cloud capabilities, amongst other benefits. As one of the most successful and fastest-growing open-source projects, we expect Kubernetes to be a huge trend this year.

Cloud Gaming

Cloud gaming, or game streaming, allows users to stream video games from remote servers directly to their devices. Cloud gaming has essentially removed the need for expensive consoles, and provides players access to the latest games via a subscription service. The emergence of cloud gaming isn’t recent, but with huge technology advancements and faster speeds, we expect it to rapidly increase in popularity this year.

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

Developing artificial intelligence (AI) or machine learning (ML) infrastructure requires a wealth of resources, so businesses tend to utilize those provided as cloud services. An increasing number of cloud service providers are also using AI internally for a variety of tasks. We expect to see huge innovation when it comes to AI and ML this year, as investors continue to devote more resources to ongoing research and continued development.

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