Top 10 Reasons Why Choosing Acronis Cloud Backup vs R1Soft Server Backup Manager

Acronis Backup Cloud is an award-winning hybrid cloud backup solution designed with service providers in mind. It protects more than 20 platforms and lets them quickly realize additional revenues with zero upfront costs and a pay-as-you-go business model. Easy to deploy and easy to use, Acronis Cloud Backup enables fast incremental backups and recoveries of individual files, folders, volumes, disks, or complete systems.

Top Ten Winning Points of Acronis vs R1Soft

Here are the top 10 reasons companies choose to switch from R1Soft to Acronis:

1. More than Backup — Software as a Service (SaaS)

Save money and increase your margin by reducing the time spent installing and configuring a backup solution, and eliminating the need to purchase and maintain additional hardware. When Acronis hosts the backup management server, customer/partner management servers, and cloud storage, you’re free to focus on servicing your customers.

2. Flexible Backup Storage Options

While R1Soft®’s storage options are limited to local disks, NAS2, and Amazon Glacier3, Acronis delivers all you need to follow the 3–2–1 backup rule out of the box: Acronis Cloud Storage; local folders and NFS/SMB/CIFS/DFS shares; local Acronis Storage cluster; public clouds (including several S3 solutions, Microsoft Azure and OpenStack Swift); and thirdparty service provider hosted.

3. Increased Revenues for IT companies and Backup Resellers

Backup is a top hosted server add-on, and Acronis Backup Cloud makes offering it easy with no initial capital investment and superior platform integration. You’ll be selling fast and reliable cloud backup and recovery, while opening the door to other revenue opportunities — including backup for Office 365 mailboxes, cross-selling premium DRaaS, workload migration, and file sync and share services — through a single, ready-to-use solution.

4. Native Integrations with multiple hosting platforms

Acronis Backup Cloud offers powerful, native integration with the most popular solutions for hosting providers, including Odin, WHMCS, and HostBill, as well as a RESTful API that streamlines custom integration. Extensions for cPanel and Plesk enable backup and recovery by web hosting providers and their clients, allowing granular, self-service recovery of websites, or individual files, mailboxes, and databases using the customer console.

5. Built-in Protection Against Ransomware

Acronis Cloud Backup is enhanced with Acronis Active Protection technology, which defends local files from unauthorized modification or encryption, while simultaneously protecting backup files, the Acronis agent and the software itself.

6. Greater Protection for Office 365 Mailboxes

While Microsoft Office 365 is a cloud service, regular backups provide greater protection from accidental deletion or intentional harm. You can recover deleted items from backups even after the Office 365 retention period has expired. Plus you can keep local copies of Office 365 mailboxes if required.

7. Lightweight, Agentless VM Backups

Acronis Backup Cloud supports backup at a hypervisor level for VMware vSphere and Microsoft Hyper-V. Plus our patented Acronis Instant Restore lets you achieve Recovery Time Objectives (RTOs) of 15 seconds or less by
starting your backup directly from storage as a VMware Virtual Machine (VM).

8. Disaster Recovery to Acronis Cloud Recovery Site

Ensure availability of your services, even in case of the entire primary site outage. The Acronis Disaster Recovery Cloud is a turnkey, self-service solution that protects critical workloads by instantly recovering IT systems, applications and data using our cloud infrastructure as a secondary recovery site.

9. Scalability

Acronis offers a universal, scalable software-defined storage solution. Optimized to work with the Acronis Data Cloud suite of products, Acronis Storage is FREE with Acronis Backup Cloud. You get one line of support for all backup solution components, even if you manage the storage on your side.

10. Multi-lingual Interface

R1Soft®’s interface is only available in English, Spanish and Japanese. Meanwhile Acronis Backup Cloud software and the web-based management
console is available in 18 languages, with userbased language settings and the ability to easily switch between languages. This multi-language
support means you can serve a greater number of target markets.

Get Started with Acronis Cloud Backup from €3 per month

Acronis Cloud Backup plans at NetShop ISP start from €3 per month with our Flexi Backup plan. You have the freedom to configure your desired backup schedule, notifications and retention options.

All our web hosting, VPS, Dedicated Server and Colocation hosting services come with the option to go Fully Managed which means that you can focus on managing your business, not your servers.

For more information contact us today to speak with one of our Cyber protection specialists.




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