The Advent of Cloud Hosting Changes the Business Landscape

Brief History of Cloud Computing

It was in 1963 when the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) had presented MIT a project MAC worth $2 million. This project was focused on testing two or more people to use a computer simultaneously. The huge computers this time used a magnetic tape and they became the triggering factor of the development of cloud computing. The act of two or more people to use and access a gigantic computer is the precursor of cloud computing. Virtualization was the term being used to depict this project.

Cloud Hosing and Its Essence Today

Let’s go back to cloud hosting in a more specific sense. It is actually the use of virtual network system, hardware, storage and composite solutions. Such solutions are emanating from a service provider known as vendor. Virtualization enables this to work essentially and effectively. The whole computing infrastructural capacity, which is commonly referred as a data center, is seamlessly delivered and distributed to a number of simultaneous users.

Birth of a Hybrid Cloud Hosting

Because the traditional data centers and networking should not be taken for granted, there is now a new revolution — known as a hybrid cloud. It is a cloud computing network that aims to provide cloud-based data computing services. It works by simply combining various models of cloud services.

All about Cloud Computing

Cloud-based data networking and computing is a process of offering highly sought computing services to various clients. The demands are focused on applications to processing and storage power. Instead of establishing a personally owned data computing facility and infrastructure, any businesses can now rent access to data centers. They can avail of the services related to applications and storage through a cloud-focused data computing service provider.



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