Server in the Netherlands vs. Germany: Comparison of the 2 Popular Hosting Locations

Server Hosting in the Netherlands vs. Germany

Choosing the right website host is a lot more than just finding the cheapest deal, there’s a bunch of things that you need to consider — one of those being their datacenter and server locations. A great hosting provider and the right hosting location are essential when it comes to the success of your website, but with so many popular hosting locations, which one is right for you?

In this article we’ll look at two of the most popular hosting locations, the Netherlands and Germany, and compare the two to see which one is the best hosting location for you.

What makes a popular hosting location

Whether you’re opting for a dedicated server or VPS, there are many aspects that make a good hosting location; like network infrastructure, connections to internet exchanges, risk of natural disasters and so on. A reliable, well-established hosting location with strong infrastructure in place really will make all the difference to your website’s performance.

The Netherlands vs. Germany

Generally speaking, Germany and the Netherlands have quite a lot of similarities, so it comes as no surprise that both countries are really popular web hosting locations. Both places are amongst the most sought after hosting locations in Europe — so let’s look at why and compare their similarities and differences.

Geographic location

When choosing a server location, proximity to your user-base is at the top of the list of things to consider. With the Netherlands and Germany actually sharing a border, both countries are great choices to ensure fast loading speeds and optimal performance for European users.


No matter what kind of content you’re hosting, you want to be certain that your data is protected. The Netherlands is renowned for its commitment to freedom of speech and therefore has strong privacy laws in place to protect confidentiality, making it the ideal offshore hosting location for individuals seeking to host controversial data — without any concern of receiving a DMCA notice. Although Germany generally has comprehensive privacy laws, the Netherlands is definitely ahead in terms of discretion.


Another reason these countries are popular hosting locations is that both the Netherlands and Germany are home to two of the biggest internet exchanges in the world, AMS-IX in Amsterdam and DE-CIX in Frankfurt. So high speed connectivity and access to a multitude of networks is guaranteed at both of these locations.


As global leaders in sustainability development and renewable energy, Germany and the Netherlands are both cost effective hosting locations as energy prices are substantially lower, meaning the cost of server upkeep, and therefore hosting plans, are relatively less.

Overall, as two of the leading hosting locations in Europe, both countries offer an optimal hosting environment at affordable prices. The two are pretty much on par, although the Netherlands definitely wins in terms of privacy and discretion.

Hosting in the Netherlands with NetShop

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