NetShop ISP: Year End Review and 2022 Preview

NetShop ISP: 2021 Year End Review

It’s been an exciting year at NetShop ISP and things are moving full speed ahead as we enter into 2022! Here is a recap of what we’ve done to improve your hosting experience as well as a sneak peek into what’s to come in the new year.

Global Data Centers Expansion

NetShop ISP has grown its network infrastructure considerably over the last two years. From 1 Data center presence, launched in 2004, we have now grown our infrastructure into more than 14 Data centers across 7 countries in 3 Continents:

  • Amsterdam, Netherlands — November 2020
  • Singapore — November 2020
  • Hong Kong — November 2020
  • Los Angeles, United States (1 Data Center)
  • United Kingdom (4 Data Centers)
  • Malta (3 Data Centers)
  • Cyprus (4 Data Centers)

New Partnerships

In 2021, NetShop ISP has formed new partnerships in order to extend the portfolio of services and solutions offered to its customers:

ISO9001:2015 Certified

On October 18th, 2021 NetShop ISP has been awarded the ISO 9001:2015 Certification (No. QS.21.038). The internationally recognized certification demonstrates that NetShop ISP successfully meets the needs of our clients through an effective quality management system. (Read PR)

Exhibitions & Webinars

During the year 2021, NetShop ISP has successfully launched various webinars and exhibited in key industry exhibitions:

  • iFX EXPO Dubai — May 2021
  • SiGMA iGathering Cyprus — September 2021
  • Webinar “Algo Trading Forex on a VPS” — September 2021
  • SBC Summit CIS — October 2021
  • iFX EXPO International Cyprus — October 2021
  • SiGMA Europe Malta — November 2021

Upgraded User Interface

A new User Interface (UI) for myNetShop Self-service portal has started in 2021 and will be fully completed in Q1 2022. The new UI is to improve the user experience for ordering and managing Cloud, Dedicated Servers, SSL Certificates, VPN, Email Services, Domain Names and Web Hosting.

2022 Preview: A lot more to come

Business development never stops. As per our commitment for continuous improvement of our hosting services, we are happy to unfold some of our plans for 2022:

  • New Data Centers for Cloud hosting and Bare-metal Dedicated Servers
  • Bandwidth Capacity Upgrade in Cyprus and Malta Network Infrastructure
  • Partners Program — More incentives to come
  • myNetShop UI Improvements Development
  • Webinars and Exhibitions
  • … and more!

On behalf of everyone at NetShop ISP, we wish you a healthy and successful New Year 2022!





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NetShop ISP

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