NetShop ISP proudly announces new Colocation plans and 10 Gbps Network in Amsterdam AMS03

NetShop ISP
2 min readAug 10, 2021


NetShop ISP, a leading infrastructure hosting provider, is delighted to announce the availability of new Colocation hosting plans in Amsterdam, backed by a major expansion of the network infrastructure to 10 Gbps.

The expansion comes just ten months after the launch of its new Data Center in The Netherlands in November 2020, which led to a significant growth of a high-bandwidth seeking client-base.

“In light of the growing demand for bandwidth traffic by businesses in the Streaming, Forex and iGaming industries, we have decided to expand our core network in our Amsterdam AM03 Data Center. We are now capable of offering up to 10 Gbps for Cloud, Bare-metal Servers and Colocation services, and 40 Gbps DDoS Protection for our backbone infrastructure.” says Stefano Sordini, CEO of NetShop ISP.

The Colocation service has been carefully designed for businesses that seek to maintain full control over their hardware and network infrastructure, whilst fully utilizing the smart infrastructure design present in the AMS03 Data Center.

Some of the smart features available in the new Colocation service include Power and IPv4 Management, Real-time Bandwidth Monitoring, Remote Access through a secure, out-of-band network, Private vLan creation, L2 Segments and more.

In terms of the company’s objectives, Stefano Sordini, CEO comments: “Our commitment to our customers is to deliver perpetually innovative hosting solutions. I am extremely excited about this next step as I consider it a huge milestone that will elevate the traditional Colocation product into an intelligent solution that utilizes our cloud technology’s automation features.”

NetShop ISP’s Colocation service in Amsterdam, Netherlands is suited to all types of businesses but offers particular benefits for Media Streaming providers, Gaming companies and Hosting Resellers that prefer to operate with their own particular hardware and networking equipment.