NetShop ISP Looking Glass Now Available for Network Routing Information

NetShop ISP, a leading hosting company based in Cyprus, announce the launch of Looking Glass ( portal for the general public.

Looking Glass provides information relative to the routing and backbone network infrastructure for each of the company’s Data centers worldwide.

Through the Looking Glass portal one can choose the Data center of choice in order to perform three basic tests; traceroute, ping and MTR.

Traceroute allows a user to follow a packet through the network to a specific destination. It shows the domain, IP address and the round-trip packet times as it traces the route to the destination.

Ping can be used to show whether or not a device with a valid Internet address or domain name can return packets sent to it by a specified server.

MTR (My Traceroute) is a tool that combines traceroute and ping, which is another common method for testing network connectivity and speed. In addition to the hops along the network path, MTR shows constantly updating information about the latency and packet loss along the route to the destination. This helps in troubleshooting network issues by allowing you to see what’s happening along the path in real-time.

MTR results from NetShop ISP’s AMS03 Data Center to Google’s DNS Server (

If you experience a problem with the Looking Glass portal that you would like to report, please contact us.




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