NetShop ISP Integrates Revolut to facilitate one-click payments for its hosting services

NetShop ISP teams up with Revolut in an effort to provide customers yet another convenient payment solution for servers, web hosting and cloud services.

In December 2020 NetShop ISP announced the acceptance of Revolut payments through the Revolut App. As of Tuesday, 8th of March 2022, Revolut has been fully integrated in myNetShop Portal enabling new and existing customers the option to pay securely using their Revolut account, physical or virtual cards with a single click.

Elena Efthymiou, Operations Manager, NetShop ISP

“Our open mindset and flexible structure allows us to action swiftly in global regulatory changes and new trends. As we serve individuals and organizations from all over the world in different industries, payments can be a daunting task due to today’s global regulatory and banking environment. Without sacrificing our KYC and AML procedures, our integration with Revolut will help in expediting the time between payment capturing and service provisioning.” said Elena Efthymiou, Operations Manager at NetShop ISP.

In addition to Revolut’s integration, NetShop ISP offers a wide range of payment methods including Credit/Debit Card (JCC), PayPal, TransferWise, Coinbase, BitPay and Wire Transfer.

For more information about the acceptable payment methods please contact NetShop ISP’s Customer Care team via e-mail (, phone (+357–24–250808) or live chat (

NetShop Internet Services (established 2004) is an Award Winning Data Center Services & Server Hosting Provider with privately-owned Infrastructure in Cyprus, Malta, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Singapore, United States and Hong Kong.

Its world-class, carrier-neutral data centers are strategically located in the world’s most prominent tech and financial markets to provide you with high-speed connectivity, ultra low latency hosting, cloud scalability and organizational flexibility.





Web Hosting, Servers, Colocation & Data Center Services (

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NetShop ISP

NetShop ISP

Web Hosting, Servers, Colocation & Data Center Services (

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