NetShop ISP Confirms Multiple Deals in iFX EXPO Dubai

Industry-leading cloud & infrastructure solutions provider, NetShop ISP, has signed multiple deals for private cloud hosting and Managed Colocation services during the iFX EXPO that took place on the 19th and 20th of May in Dubai.

The world’s largest Finance & Technology expo welcomed thousands of participants from the fintech world, including Forex brokers, CRM Development agencies, Affiliates, Liquidity Providers and Technology Providers.

“It was exciting to attend an offline event after such a long time. We have had the opportunity to meet with existing partners and customers in the Forex industry, as well as confirm a lot of new deals mainly for our world-class Forex VPS solution. A lot of Brokers and CRM Development agencies agreed to sign up with us and integrate our solution into their own trading platform and CRMs. It has been a very busy Q1 and Q2, and i am proud to see our hard work paying off with such a game-changing product we have launched”, said Katerina Burtsava, Head of Sales at NetShop ISP.

About NetShop ISP’s Forex VPS Solution

The Forex VPS solution was first launched in 2010, where NetShop ISP was among very few hosting providers to offer Virtual servers for Forex trading purposes. Following several months of research & development, NetShop ISP announced the availability of a new version of its Forex VPS service that includes a powerful API for seamless white-label integration with any Forex Broker’s CRM.

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