NetShop ISP CEO Awarded at Fazzaco Hall of Fame Award Ceremony 2023

NetShop ISP
2 min readFeb 28


During the Fazzaco Hall of Fame (HoF) Award Ceremony which took place in Limassol, Cyprus on the 23rd of February 2023, NetShop ISP’s CEO Stefano Sordini was awarded as the Best FinTech CEO.

Stefano Sordini has an in-depth experience in the Fintech industry of more than 12 years. From his position as a CEO at NetShop ISP has contributed to grow the company into the Fintech sphere to become, today, one of the most preferred hosting providers among Forex brokers and Technology companies in the Fintech sphere. During 2022, the company has on-boarded more than 45 Forex brokers for trading platforms hosting and Disaster Recovery solutions.

Organized by Fazzaco, the world’s leading B2B financial information platform, the top-level industry event awarded the outstanding contributors in the Forex and Fintech industries.

In addition to the awards ceremony, keynote speakers had the chance to present trends and growth opportunities of the Forex and Fintech industry.

Here are a few moments from the Awards Ceremony at Crowne Plaza Limassol.