NetShop ISP Bronze Sponsors for the University of Cyprus at Harvard WorldMUN 2023

NetShop ISP
2 min readMar 15


NetShop ISP is proud to announce that we are the Bronze Sponsor of the United Nations & European Union Club of the University of Cyprus, in their attendance at the Harvard World Model United Nations (WorldMUN) 2023.

This year, the WorldMUN will be held in Paris, France from March 12–16th, in coordination with the host team, the Comité Interuniversitaire des Nations Unies de Paris (CINUP). The event, organized by Harvard, is the world’s most internationally diverse college-level Model UN conference and the largest outside of the United States and Canada, with 2,000+ students from over 110 countries attending each year.

In the spirit of authentic multicultural connections and cooperation, the WorldMUN guarantees participants an enriching experience through lively debates and social events. The conference provides the ideal setting for attendees to discuss pressing matters of our generation, whilst gaining a fresh perspective and valuable insight from an international audience.

The United Nations & European Union Club of the University of Cyprus will send a delegation of 10 students to the Harvard WorldMUN 2023, to represent Cyprus in various committees of the conference. We are delighted to be able to support the club this year as we recognize its importance in shaping our future leaders.

Through this experience, students will not only develop a deeper understanding of current world affairs, but also gain valuable leadership skills, develop their critical thinking and confidence in decision making. NetShop ISP is proud to have the opportunity to help empower the next generation to achieve their full potential through this invaluable experience.

You can find more information about the Harvard World Model United Nations here.

To read more about how NetShop ISP supports students and universities, visit our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) page.