NetShop ISP Announces Reinforcement of myNetShop Security with Multi-Factor Authentication

NetShop ISP
1 min readJun 28, 2022

NetShop Internet Services, a leading Cloud hosting & Data Center provider, announce today a major update of the myNetShop portal with Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) capabilities.

Multi-factor authentication (MFA) requires a user to present two or more pieces of evidence, or factors, for authentication. When enabled, the MFA requires the user to enter a time-based one-time password PIN from an Authenticator app that is installed on the user’s smartphone device.

The following Authenticator apps can be used by our customers in myNetShop portal:

“With over 5,000 active customers using myNetShop for managing their hosting products and services, ensuring information security is our top priority. With multi-factor authentication now enabled, users are required to input a time-based code from their smartphone device after correctly entering their password,” says Emily Morfaki, CRM Manager at NetShop ISP.

The MFA is available at no extra cost and can be applied to new and existing customers, simply by enabling the Multi-factor Authentication from the Account Security settings.