NetShop ISP and Join Forces to Empower Malta’s Digital Ecosystem


NetShop ISP announces its Partnership with for supporting and promoting Malta’s digital ecosystem. This collaboration is part of an initiative spearheaded by with the aim of establishing strategic partnerships with some of the biggest players in the tech industry to offer their expertise and knowledge to local start-ups and businesses.

NetShop Internet Services is a leading Web Hosting and Data Centre Services Provider with privately-owned Infrastructure in Cyprus, Malta, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Singapore, Los Angeles (US West) and Hong Kong.

Since its launch in 2004, the company has been actively involved in the Financial Markets (Forex, Banking), the Online Gambling (iGaming) and the Blockchain industries by developing and maintaining a reliable and cost-effective infrastructure environment for high-profile businesses. Moreover, the continuous investment in innovation and technology has allowed NetShop ISP to continually optimize its service offerings to deliver the best price:quality ratio on the market.

“NetShop ISP has and will continue to be promoting Malta as a quality, creative and tech-savvy country in various local and International exhibitions (virtual and land-based) that we participate. Our exposure, as a Data Center company, to international businesses in various industries is quite significant and thus will allow us in accomplishing our common mission: to establish Malta among the top tech countries in the world.”, said Stefano Sordini CEO at NetShop ISP. was created by the Government of Malta and the Malta Chamber of Commerce to promote the National Strategy on Innovative Technology. Its main mission is to promote local Tech companies, enable research for innovative technology, establish a bi-directional communication channel between local and foreign entities, and provide the necessary guidance and support for tech investors and local start-ups to enhance their business development strategies.

“Since its inception, has always pledged its ambition to bring together people, companies and organisations in the tech sphere to create a strong network for innovation and collaboration. Netshop ISP’s interests, ambitions and commitment towards Malta is in fact a testimony of Malta’s attractiveness to foreign entities in the digital sector. This encourages us to continue working towards achieving a digitised world that goes beyond borders and traditional mindsets.”, said Dana Farrugia CEO at

Using its expertise and’s connections and local insights, NetShop ISP remains committed to provide tech and business consulting services and offer its high-end flexible cloud hosting platform to Maltese-based start-ups.


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