Main differences between cPanel and Plesk Control Panels

Comparing cPanel vs Plesk Hosting Control Panels

As two of the leading web hosting control panels on the market, cPanel and Plesk are often compared against each other. With both of them being extremely popular options, you may still be weighing up the pros and cons of both control panels — so keep reading as we outline their biggest differences.

What is a web hosting control panel

Before we dive into the differences between cPanel and Plesk, let’s take a look at what a web hosting control panel is and what it’s used for.

Having an easy and efficient way to manage your server and web hosting account is important for both the average user and experienced developers. A hosting control panel is a user-interface that’s accessible online, and offers users a simple way to complete a variety of website and server management tasks.

Using a control panel diminishes complex tasks down to a few clicks on an intuitive dashboard, without the user needing any advanced technical knowledge and expertise. There’s a lot of things you can do with a control panel like manage domains, publish websites, easily install software like WordPress and much more. Ultimately a hosting control panel offers simplicity, ease-of-use and a high level of control.

cPanel vs Plesk

When it comes to which control panel is the best, like most things, it comes down to a matter of preference. It could be said that cPanel is the most well-known control panel, and that’s because it’s been around a little bit longer than Plesk. Although both control panels offer many of the same features for server management, there are some really big differences.

What are the biggest differences between cPanel and Plesk

Operating System Compatibility

The biggest difference between cPanel and Plesk is that Plesk is designed to cater to both Linux and Windows OS whilst cPanel only supports a Linux OS. So before looking any further at the features of both control panels, it’s important that you decide which operating system you’ll be running on your server.

User interface

Although both are extremely easy to navigate, their user interfaces are completely different. Plesk has its features conveniently grouped together in categories, and the design and layout is often compared to the popular content management system WordPress.

cPanel is slightly more busy with all features visible on one page and split into sections, almost in list form. The dashboard is customizable for resellers, meaning certain features can be highlighted to make it easier for users to find what they’re looking for. As far as which of the two is better, it’s definitely a matter of preference on this point.


Whichever control panel you opt for has to be completely secure, and both Plesk and cPanel are — although they take a slightly different approach and offer different security features. For example, cPanel offers automatic SSL certificate installation and brute force protection whilst Plesk provides fail2ban intrusion prevention and one-click SSL security, amongst many other security tools.

Overall, both control panels offer users an easy, intuitive experience and a great range of features for website and server management. As for which one is best, it’s most definitely a personal choice.

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