Joomla Hosting: What Are Its Advantages and Disadvantages

If you want to use Joomla in your next website project, you should know its advantages and disadvantages to make sure that you can make the right decision. Joomla is one of the popular open-source CMS. It’s been trusted by millions of website users worldwide. Compared to Drupal, it is less complicated; and compared to WordPress, it is a bit more complex. But regardless of its nature, it can surely help anybody build up great websites. Needless to say, this content management system is intermediate and it is offered with more features than the rival WordPress and friendlier than Drupal.

Why Choose Joomla Hosting?

Joomla Advantages

  • Fit for social networking and e-commerce websites

It serves as the number one factor why a lot of users have trusted this platform. Joomla has supported all websites that are focusing on social networking. Furthermore, this is suitable to online store owners. If you want an e-commerce website, this can be the best platform you have to use. Setting the site is easy. There are guidelines on the web that can teach you how to set up a website. But if you’re not tech-savvy, it is better for you to hire a web developer and designer who is expert in Joomla website creation.

  • Provides versatility features that are good for your site

Regardless of the type and size, the website design that you want can easily be created through using it. Joomla is versatile, so to speak. Many website developers prefer this platform in web designing. Aside from e-commerce websites, you can also design your blog site using this. And for online stores, you’re free to have hundreds of pages through this platform.

  • Have a high level of flexibility when used

Do you want flexibility? Don’t worry! You’ve got covered. You are given the opportunity to design your own website but only if you have some basic HTML skills. Nothing to worry because it is not necessary that your HTML skills are super advanced. Only basic! Because it is not that complicated when used, the level of flexibility is definitely high. Website maintenance is also easy by trusting this web CMS and hosting option. Every penny you are going to invest is valuable.

  • Has excellent and working plug-ins

Of course, you will be using many plug-ins for your website to become speedier and more efficient in terms of search engine ranking. Though WordPress has so many plug-ins, Joomla on the hand is not left behind. It also has plug-ins that can be extracted from the open-source related communities on the Internet.

  • Provided with an extensive customer support system

Because it is an open source, every time you have a problem is not actually a problem. Why? You can have support from the members of Joomla community. If you don’t know how to use any of the available plug-ins, for instance, you easily ask for someone to help you. Plus, there are available DIY tutorials on the web that serves as a solution to any sort of problem you may encounter.

Joomla Disadvantages

  • Not all properties are given for “free”

Joomla does not have a free website hosting, unlike WordPress. So you have to pay for the web host if you want to run a website that uses this platform. Somehow, it can add to the cost because you have to pay Joomla hosting for your website to be live.

  • Not so good in website media

Media management, according to those who already tried this platform, requires improvement. The media manager does only have a few capabilities available for you. There is a possibility that you can’t edit, crop, resize, and redesign images.

  • Content migration might be an issue

Another problem that may possibly arise is related to content migration. The plug-ins do not have automatic updates at times. This reality can lead you to a possible predicament. And if the issue is not addressed, it can lead you to more complicated problems.

  • Offered with customization features but limited

A Joomla script might cause problems to advanced developers because of the limited customization features. Unlike the other platforms like WordPress, Joomla does not have premium customizable plug-ins and software tools. Somehow, it is hard for the developers to deliver much more highly technical customizations.

Choosing Joomla can be a good option for you. But you have to primarily assess and weigh the factors before making a decision.

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