Is Dublin Trying to Be the Next Hub for Tech Startups?

It looks like there’s a new city making a name for itself in the tech world — in the tech startups department that is. Dublin is not entirely new to the tech circuit. In fact, it is home to the European headquarters of some of the world’s biggest tech companies: Apple, Facebook and Google. Now, it is also attracting a slew of tech startups.

Dublin is the capital of Ireland and its largest city. It is situated on a bay in the province of Leinster, which makes it parallel to Silicon Valley and San Francisco, which are ensconced in the Bay Area in the state of California in America. The city is now slowly being referred to as the Tech Capital of Europe — but that is mostly because the large tech companies have headquartered in this city. The tech startups, though, are a different story. They bring in a whole new landscape to a city.

According to Forbes, four exciting tech startups have found homes in Dublin and are boosting Ireland’s reputation as a viable venue for tech companies.

Dublin: A look at the landscape for tech startups

Of course, Great Britain has worked its way out of the Union through the Brexit. Incidentally, that has also paved the way for Dublin to be highlighted as a prime destination to start a tech company. London has always been in the forefront of tech development. However, with the current climate, as it tries to be a solitary entity, tech companies are considering Dublin a better option.

First of all, the tech giants that homesteaded in Dublin: Amazon, eBay, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, PayPal, Twitter, Yahoo!, among others, have really given Dublin its tech stronghold. But various characteristics are also giving Dublin the edge among other cities in Europe.

What makes Ireland attractive?

Microsoft opened in Ireland in 1985 yet. But as soon as that happened, the nation took notice and took advantage. Back then, the company only employed over a hundred people. Now, over a thousand people are employed by the tech giant. Talent is an important consideration for tech startups to launch in a specific place. Ireland certainly offers great talent because as soon as one tech giant appeared, the Irish people realized the employment opportunities.

So by the time other tech giants opened European headquarters in Ireland, the government and the people were ready to cater to them. It is not enough that low taxes are available. The country should also be able to provide the employment requirements of these companies. Even the largest companies cannot afford to take hundreds of employees from home to work overseas.

The next Silicon Valley?

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