Introduction to MetaQuotes MT5 Proxy Server

This article will help system admins, IT managers and Owners of Forex brokers to understand what is MT5 Proxy and why it is essential for a best performing and secure trading environment.

What is MT5?

The MT5 platform is available in three license types: Entry, Standard and Enterprise — each of them comes with specific set of components and limitations on the number of real accounts. A broker can start with the Entry license and upgrade on the go.

What is a Proxy Server and Why Is Needed

A proxy server offers two significant benefits for a Forex business, which therefore reflect a trader’s experience:

Increased Security for MT5 Platform

A Proxy server will act as an intermediate between your clients’ trading terminals and the trading server which means your MT5 server will only be receiving requests from the Proxy server. For example, if you have 2,000 active traders, these will authenticate and start sending order requests to the Proxy server, not the MT5 server directly.

This ‘triangle’ communication enhances the MT5 server’s security as it ‘forbids’ end users from directly connecting on the server’s listening ports. Any vulnerabilities found on your MT5 Server (e.g. outdated Operating System) will be less exposed to the public, in the case a Proxy server is installed.

Load Balancing and Improved Performance

For example, your main MT5 platform server may be hosted in London and you may have traders located in Cyprus, Germany and Malaysia. In this case it would be wise to setup a Proxy Server in Europe (e.g. London or Amsterdam) and one in Asia (e.g. Singapore). As a result, orders coming from Malaysia will be sent to your London MT5 server through the Singapore Proxy. At the same time, your Proxy server in Europe will be handling requests from the European traders.

The idea of Load Balancing in Forex trading follows the basic concepts and benefits of Load Balancing and High Availability in an infrastructure environment. Learn more about Load Balancing Solutions.

Minimum Hardware Requirements for MT5 Proxy Server

  • 2 vCPU
  • 4GB RAM
  • 60GB Disk Space
  • Windows Server 2016

How to Deploy Proxy Servers Around the World

The most popular locations among Forex brokers for their Proxy server needs are Singapore, London and Amsterdam. In all three locations we offer VPS and Dedicated Servers. If you are looking for a cheap option to get started instantly, then a VPS server is what you should go for.

Our Forex specialists are available to discuss your technical requirements and demonstrate our wide-range of bespoke Forex solutions. Learn more about our Forex infrastructure solutions or contact our Sales team to schedule a web meeting.


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