Introducing New Cutting-Edge VPS Plans: OKTAPLUS, HYPER, and TITAN Enhanced with NVMe Technology

NetShop ISP
2 min readMar 12, 2024


In the dynamic realm of the e-commerce sector and digital ventures, the significance of high-performing virtual server hosting solutions cannot be overstated. As demands soar and technology evolves, NetShop ISP is thrilled to announce the launch of three new VPS plans: OKTAPLUS, HYPER, and TITAN.

These plans are designed to cater to the evolving needs of businesses, providing increased performance and greater scalability.

Key Features of OKTAPLUS, HYPER, and TITAN VPS Plans

Unmatched Performance: With up to 16 vCPU Cores, 32 GB RAM, and 1 TB Storage, our OKTAPLUS, HYPER, and TITAN VPS Plans deliver unparalleled performance for all types of software and applications.

Enhanced Cloud Infrastructure: Our upgraded cloud infrastructure empowers us to offer VPS servers with high-performance NVMe storage. Say goodbye to latency and slow loading times as our NVMe-powered servers ensure lightning-fast data access, giving your website or application a competitive advantage.

Scalability: Whether you’re experiencing sudden spikes in traffic or planning for long-term growth, our VPS plans are designed to scale effortlessly. Enjoy the flexibility to upgrade your resources on-demand, ensuring that your server always meets the demands of your evolving business.

Unlimited scalability is available when switching from fixed-specs plans to FlexiVPS+.

Global Reach: The three new VPS plans are currently offered in our UK Cloud region, and will soon be available in the rest of our global data center locations.

Unlock the Power of VPS Hosting Today

Ready to experience the next level of VPS hosting? Don’t miss out on the opportunity to elevate your online presence with NetShop ISP’s OKTAPLUS, HYPER, and TITAN plans.

Get started today and discover the difference that high-performance VPS hosting can make for your business. If you are not sure which plan suits your business needs, contact one of our hosting specialists via Skype (netshopisp) or drop us a message from here.