How To Trade Forex Faster with VPS in 2022

When it comes to trading Forex, one thing is for sure — super-fast speeds are a prerequisite to success. In order to thrive in the fast paced Forex industry, low latency and fast execution speeds are essential — so you need to have the optimal resources to achieve this. That’s where Virtual Servers come into play.

In this article we’ll break down the benefits of VPS for Forex traders, and how it can help you trade not only faster — but smarter.

What is a VPS

A Virtual Private Server (VPS) is basically one physical server that functions as multiple independent servers by utilizing virtualization technology. Opting for a VPS means you don’t have to worry about sharing your resources or being affected by others on the same physical server.

VPS hosting has grown in popularity amongst many industries for a number of reasons, like heightened security, enhanced performance and greater reliability. These factors are what make a VPS so beneficial for Forex traders.

Benefits of a Forex VPS

Always online

Keeping your trading platforms, like MT4 or MT5, online around-the-clock is important, especially when you’re using an Expert Advisor (EA) too. A VPS provides the optimal environment that’s required for automated trading, because it stays online, even when you’re not.

In order to successfully incorporate automation within your trading strategy, certain resources are required to facilitate your trading software and EA 24/7. Unlike a personal computer, a VPS remains online under all circumstances, like power outages or connectivity issues — providing ultimate reliability.

Low latency

With time quite literally being money for traders, there’s no doubt that the biggest benefit of a Forex VPS is its ability to reduce latency, and therefore prevent slippage. Delays in execution can see traders lose out heavily on profits, which can be combated by utilizing a VPS with the capacity to transmit requests at super-fast speeds.


Investing in a VPS can help you greatly increase your profits, and the best part is it’s actually super affordable. Put simply, in terms of a performance to price ratio, a VPS is guaranteed to provide great value for money whilst helping you make more!


Security is definitely a prime concern when trading in the financial market, and a VPS offers an extra layer of security for traders. With potential data breaches and cyber-attacks being detrimental to trading, a VPS offers robust security with monitoring tools in place to help keep your data safe from vulnerabilities.


Finally, by opting for a VPS you don’t need to worry about being chained to your home or office and can take full advantage of being able to trade remotely! A VPS provides you with the flexibility to work from pretty much anywhere, on almost any device, with a network connection.

Get started with your Forex VPS

Follow these simple steps to get set up with your Forex VPS today.

  1. Visit our website here and choose from our selection of plans. If you’re not sure which one is best for you, you can always get in touch for advice.
  1. Once you’ve chosen your plan you can select your desired location, billing cycle preference and enter any promo codes, before proceeding to click Order.
  1. You can then double check your Order Summary, enter your details and choose your preferred payment method before clicking Checkout.

Forex VPS Hosting with NetShop ISP

With over 14 year’s industry experience, we have been responsible for successfully providing the optimal resources to thousands of traders. Our Forex Specialists deliver a hands-on approach helping you get set up and trading successfully in just minutes — with plans starting from just €9.99 a month.

With data centers situated in prime financial locations like Malta, Cyprus, Singapore and the Netherlands, to name a few, you can rely on our high-speed network designed for the lowest possible latency — with our Forex VPS being fully optimized for cTrader.




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