How to Secure your Website with FREE SSL

How to get FREE Let’s Encrypt SSL Certificate

If you’re reading this you’ve probably realized that your website needs an SSL certificate, but are just not quite ready to add another expense to your list. So keep reading to find out how to secure your website with a free SSL certificate.

What is SSL?

SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer and is used to create a secure connection between the web browser and the server. It’s often thought that a website only needs an SSL if it’s requesting sensitive information like credit card details, but actually that’s not the case.

An SSL is essential for data integrity and privacy, and should be at the top of your priorities when starting out with your new website. Having an SSL indicates that your website is using the protocol of encrypting data that’s being transferred between the client and the server, making it unreadable if intercepted.

What does SSL do?

An SSL certificate is needed in order to convert http to https. Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (https) is the secure version of http and ultimately protects users and website owners from hackers.

Although now some browsers give you a ‘not secure’ warning when a website doesn’t have an SSL, you can also check the URL bar for a little padlock icon which you can click on to see the certificate details. Of course, you can also check that the URL begins with https.

Why do you need SSL?

Obviously, protecting yourself and your users online is paramount so let’s take a closer look at some of the other benefits of having an SSL certificate.

SSL protects data

Shopping, subscribing and selling online is now the new normal, so it comes as no surprise that sensitive information being stolen has become more common. As we’ve mentioned, installing an SSL ensures that all data shared on your website is encrypted, eliminating the chance of third-party interference.

It’s especially important to have an SSL if your website is eCommerce but sensitive information isn’t just limited to credit card details, it also means passwords, IDs and addresses which can cause a lot of trouble if they get into the wrong hands. For example, if you have a WordPress website that isn’t secured with an SSL, your login credentials could be at risk.

SSL makes you more reputable

Of course due to the rise in phishing and online fraud, people have become a lot more cautious when sharing their personal information online. Users are a lot less likely to engage with your website if they can see it’s not safe, and this will ultimately cost you a lot of potential customers.

Having an SSL certificate installed on your website will increase consumer trust as it validates that you are who you say you are and authenticates your website and business — thus improving your sales!

SSL improves SEO

Put simply, Google wants to keep its users safe and so it ranks websites with an SSL certificate higher than their counterpart without. If Google is telling you to get an SSL certificate, it’s about time you did right?

Overall, having an SSL in 2021 is deemed best practice and will definitely have a positive impact on your website.

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