How To Resolve Acronis Agent error related to “snumbd26” kernel module on Linux Plesk/cPanel Servers

When trying to update an Acronis agent on your Linux cPanel/Plesk server, you may encounter the following error:

Why this is Happening

How To Resolv snumbd26 Error

If you are free to reboot your Linux server, you can do so and re-attempt the agent update. By rebooting your server the Snumbd and jbd2 kernel daemons are forcefully killed, so there is a high possibility after reboot the agent update will complete successfully.

If you are working on a production server and cannot reboot it, follow these steps:

  1. SSH to your linux server
  2. Create the following config file using vi or nano:
    vi /usr/lib/Acronis/system_libs/8.2.1/config
  3. Insert the following lines inside your newly created file:
  4. Save & exit the file
  5. Restart the Acronis MMS service as follows:
    service acronis_mms restart

Then go to your Acronis web management portal and re-attempt to update the agent. In our case, as you can see from the screenshot below, it was successfully updated without the need of server reboot.




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