How To Install Acronis Backup Agent on Linux Server

  • Enhanced Data Protection with real-time malware scanning and flexible data backup scheduling.
  • Rapid Data Recovery with options to download backups or restore to a different machine (dedicated or virtual server)
  • AI-powered anti-ransomware protection and blockchain notarization to ensure highly-secured storage of data.

System Requirements

  1. Up-to-date kernel on your Linux server. To update the kernel, execute the following commands in bold:
    # yum update kernel [CentOS/Redhat]
    # apt-get dist-upgrade [Ubuntu/Debian]
  2. Make sure ‘gcc’ and ‘make’ are installed on the server. On CentOS/Redhat servers these are installed by default. If you are on a Debian/Ubuntu server, execute the commands below in bold:
    # apt install gcc
    # apt install make
    # apt install make-guile

Let’s Start to Install Acronis Backup Agent on a Linux Server

  1. Login to myNetShop Portal ( and navigate to the Cloud Backup service management page.
  2. Click the blue button “Click here to access Control Panel”



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