How to Choose Best Adult Web Hosting Company in 2023

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3 min readMar 2, 2023

Adult websites are those which provide goods or services that are only available to ages 18 or 21 and above, depending on the location of the user. The phrase ‘adult website’ is most commonly presumed to be pornographic sites, but gambling, tobacco and alcohol are also considered as mature content.

With that being said, the number of internet users that search for pornographic content is steadily rising, with approximately 2.5 million people visiting the world’s most popular porn sites every minute. iGaming websites have also seen a surge in users since the start of the pandemic, with 1.6 billion people worldwide gambling on a somewhat regular basis.

Choosing the right web hosting company to serve your adult content is a decision that requires research and consideration. In this article we will break down the six most important things you need to consider when hosting an adult website in 2023.

Six Things to Consider when Choosing an Adult Web Hosting Company

Terms of Service & DMCA Policy

Before purchasing your plan with any hosting company, it’s important to read the terms of service (ToS) thoroughly. Not all hosting companies will allow you to host adult content, so if you’re unsure from the terms of service, make sure you double check with a member of staff before spending any money.

In addition to the ToS, you should also make sure to check out their Digital Millennium Copyright Act Policy (DMCA). The best hosting providers for adult content are those which are DMCA Ignored, meaning they will not remove your content from their servers, even if they were to receive a DMCA takedown notice.

Domain Privacy WHOIS

Opting for an adult web hosting company that offers a domain privacy service is definitely worth it. The service usually comes at a small fee, and means that once you register your domain, your private details like your name and address, won’t be accessible via the WHOIS database.

Customer Support

No matter what content you intend on hosting, around-the-clock customer support is absolutely essential. Before choosing your web hosting company make sure that they provide 24/7 support and fast response times through various means of communication. Live chat in particular is an extremely convenient method of communication, so it’s wise to check whether this is something that they support.


A well-performing website is the key to success. In order to build a solid user-base, rank high on search engines and create a strong brand, your website needs to be fast and always accessible. When deciding on your adult web hosting company, be sure that they can guarantee you an up time of 99.9% and loading times of between 0–4 seconds.


When starting with your adult website it may be hard to predict how it will grow. Make sure you opt for an easily scalable hosting solution to ensure that you have enough storage and bandwidth to accommodate spikes in traffic and an increase in demand, without interruption.


There are certain countries where hosting adult content is highly scrutinized or simply just not tolerated. Hosting adult content in these locations will put you at a much higher risk of breaching laws and your content being taken down. On the other hand, countries like the Netherlands are favored due to their lenient regulations on adult content with many business owners opting for data centers in Amsterdam.

Adult Web Hosting with NetShop ISP

NetShop ISP offers secure and reliable hosting services for those seeking to host adult-oriented content. With data centers located in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, we provide the ideal solution to hosting content intended for a mature audience. For more information, get in touch!