Choose Dedicated WordPress Web Hosting To Avoid These Problems

It is easy to look at the front-end aspects of your website, like the overall design and the shared content. Because of this, you might overlook one of the most essential elements of a website — the hosting. In this blog, you will know why you need to choose a dedicated WordPress hosting. There are clear reasons why you have to try this hosting option. And this is the focus of this blog — for you to know the things you can avoid when choosing a WordPress hosting that has a dedicated server.

These days there are a lot of service providers of dedicated WordPress web hosting plans. As promoted, this type of a web host can assure that your website can run fast all the time. Plus, it has been known that through this hosting option, your website can have effective security measures and a streamlined process for website maintenance.

What Is WordPress Web Hosting?

WordPress website hosting is a vital component of every WordPress website. Without it, a site is not available or not accessible online.

The different types of a WordPress web hosting are:

  • Shared Hosting — A shared hosting provider hosts a website using a single server that also serves other WordPress websites. This type of hosting is typically used by beginners.
  • Virtual Private Server — It is also known as VPS hosting. Compared to the shared hosting, VPS has an isolated virtual space in a single server.
  • Dedicated Hosting — This type of hosting a website is different from shared or VPS hosting. It offers a separate server that is intended only for a specific website.
  • Cloud Hosting — This kind of web hosting is functioning based on a cloud computing infrastructure. It has been known as effective in managing large traffic of visitors.
  • Managed Hosting — This is the focus of this blog. Managed web hosting is intended only for WordPress users. It is responsible in handling the setup and maintenance aspects of a particular website.

5 Common Problems to Avoid

Elaborated below are the 5 most common problems you can avoid if you’re going to use a dedicated WordPress hosting.

  • Security-related threats

This is the first possible issue that you can avoid if you’re going to rely on a dedicated web host. With shared servers, the security-related threats can be higher but with this type of web hosting, such problems are resolved. Yes, a shared web hosting is dramatically cheaper but the tendency of cyber-related problems is high. That is why a dedicated web hosting for WordPress sites is recommended.

  • Poor performance

Trusting a shared server can lead to a poor website performance. If you want your site to become competitive, you have to consider using a dedicated server. Why can a shared server deliver weak performance? The reason is simple. A shared server is handling multiple websites, thus congestion is a great possibility. However, a dedicated server can resolve this issue so it is a wise investment to consider.

  • Recovery difficulties

It is possible to experience downtimes and other related problems. During downtimes, the data of your website can possibly be lost. To avoid this from happening, you have to trust a dedicated web hosting provider. The deleted files in the database can easily be restored and recovered. So, your investment won’t go to waste with this hosting.

  • Insufficient space

Shared hosting only provides you with a limited disc space. A sufficient storage space is vital for your ultimate growth and success. As your website is growing older, the content is expanding. Thus, you need to have sufficient amount of space.

The good news is that with a dedicated website hosting, your WordPress website can have more space for data storage. So, the increasing traffic won’t compromise your website performance. Slowing down is not a possibility because a dedicated web host can provide you with enough space for data storage.

  • Lack of support

It is a common thing to know that website errors might occur. The errors can be caused by a lot of factors, like those related to WordPress compatibility. As it occurs, you need to abruptly address such errors, otherwise they can cause major issues. Your website might slow down or might not be running on the web. Some of the pages can’t be accessed by the visitors. But if you let a dedicated WordPress web host, this lack-of-support factor can easily be addressed. They have a technical support to address errors and other issues.

In a Nutshell

Conclusively, a dedicated WordPress website hosting is great in providing you these things:

  • Prevents security threats coming from other websites
  • Boosts the website performance
  • Helps restore and recover lost data and information
  • Provides more space for data storage
  • Have a 24/7 technical support to fix website errors and other relevant issues

If you have more questions about dedicated WordPress web hosting, contact NetShop ISP now.