Choose Dedicated WordPress Web Hosting To Avoid These Problems

What Is WordPress Web Hosting?

  • Shared Hosting — A shared hosting provider hosts a website using a single server that also serves other WordPress websites. This type of hosting is typically used by beginners.
  • Virtual Private Server — It is also known as VPS hosting. Compared to the shared hosting, VPS has an isolated virtual space in a single server.
  • Dedicated Hosting — This type of hosting a website is different from shared or VPS hosting. It offers a separate server that is intended only for a specific website.
  • Cloud Hosting — This kind of web hosting is functioning based on a cloud computing infrastructure. It has been known as effective in managing large traffic of visitors.
  • Managed Hosting — This is the focus of this blog. Managed web hosting is intended only for WordPress users. It is responsible in handling the setup and maintenance aspects of a particular website.

5 Common Problems to Avoid

  • Security-related threats
  • Poor performance
  • Recovery difficulties
  • Insufficient space
  • Lack of support

In a Nutshell

  • Prevents security threats coming from other websites
  • Boosts the website performance
  • Helps restore and recover lost data and information
  • Provides more space for data storage
  • Have a 24/7 technical support to fix website errors and other relevant issues




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