Benefits of Malta VPS Hosting

Benefits of Malta VPS Hosting

A strong online presence has become essential for business owners, and the type of hosting and hosting location you opt for are both huge contributing factors to the potential success and efficiency of your website. In this article we’ll take a look at Malta VPS Hosting and the many benefits of it.

What is VPS Hosting

Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting is usually referred to as the middle point between shared hosting and dedicated server hosting — this is because VPS hosting imitates a dedicated server environment within one shared server. With a Virtual Server, a physical server is shared between multiple users, however hypervisor technology is used to completely partition off sections, with each having their own dedicated resources.

Virtual Server hosting has become an increasingly popular hosting choice as it provides the high level of security and performance that you would expect from dedicated server hosting, at a fraction of the price.

Benefits of VPS Hosting

There are plenty of advantages of VPS Hosting. Here are our top three.


As we mentioned, VPS hosting somewhat imitates a dedicated server in that each VPS has its own dedicated resources, like RAM, bandwidth and storage, and other websites on the same physical server do not affect your resources and the performance of your site.


In terms of pricing, a VPS is actually relatively cheap for the resources and reliability you’re getting. A Virtual Server is slightly more expensive than shared hosting, but definitely not in the dedicated server price range — making it great for your budget without compromising on performance.


Another great benefit of VPS hosting is how easy it is to scale resources as and when your website or application needs them. Virtual Servers are generally designed to be very adaptable so upgrading or downgrading can be done seamlessly.

Benefits of Malta as a Hosting location

Malta has become an extremely popular offshore hosting location for a multitude of reasons — the small country has a whole lot to offer.

Safe location

When it comes to choosing a hosting location, the safety of your server should be your number one priority. Malta is extremely safe from natural disasters — as a matter of fact it’s the second safest country in the world — so choosing Malta as a hosting location puts you at very little risk of power outages and connectivity issues.

Booming business destination

Malta has become an increasingly popular, booming business destination with many international companies seeking to incorporate there for a number of reasons. Not only is the country’s geographical location extremely convenient for offshore business activities, but Malta also offers attractive tax opportunities. Malta’s somewhat complex tax system means the corporate tax can be as low as 5% — making it the lowest in the EU.

Innovative country

Malta has become to be known as an extremely innovative country in many diverse industries, like iGaming and Finance — and therefore has strong infrastructure in place to handle the growth of these sectors. As one of the first countries to embrace iGaming, Malta has become an industry-leading hub for Online Betting and continues to pave the way with forward-thinking innovation.

Malta VPS Hosting with NetShop ISP

Deploy a Malta VPS instantly in one of our fully compliant, carrier-neutral data centres from as little as €7.20 per month when you opt to pay annually — saving you 20%! Benefit from 24/7 expert support and a free Malta IP address, all at an affordable price.

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