Choosing your hosting location is something that needs careful consideration, and although it may be tempting to go for the cheapest or most prevalent location, your circumstances and requirements are what really determine the best hosting location for you.

In this article we’ll take a look at the advantages of offshore hosting in comparison to other popular hosting locations.

What is Offshore Hosting

Offshore web hosting really is exactly what it sounds like — hosting your website in a different country to the one that you live or operate in. You may be thinking that hosting your website in another country is pretty common…

In a recent article, we explained how the fire that occurred at OVH’s Data Center caused a massive impact on their hosted customers who suffered from data loss and downtime.

For a business operating online, data is not just numbers used for generating reports and statistics. Data include customer information stored in a company’s Database, digital products presented in an e-commerce website where customers can buy them, as well as more critical information such as payment transaction details and credit card details processed by merchants and online stores.

A recent report by indicated that retail e-commerce sales worldwide amounted…

How to Create Email Account in cPanel — 3 Easy Steps

cPanel is the most popular and easiest to use control panel for hosting your website, installing and managing SSL certificates, accessing your website’s files and creating Databases.

Additionally, through cPanel’s graphical interface you can easily manage your e-mail accounts which you can then quickly access via Web-based email clients such as Roundcube and Horde, or configure in Microsoft Outlook, your mobile device etc.

In this article we will show you how to create an email account in cPanel in 3 simple steps, and how to access your e-mails via the Webmail clients that cPanel offers.

1. Login to cPanel and navigate to the E-mails Section

Depending on how your hosting…

Where to host a gambling website

‘Where is the best place to host a gambling website?’ is one of the most common questions amongst those starting out with their new online gambling business — and rightly so. Where you choose to host your gambling website will directly impact its potential performance and success. With iGaming still being a relatively new industry, rules and regulations change per jurisdiction, so finding the right hosting location is essential.

In this article we’ll look at what things you need to consider when choosing where to host your gambling website, and some of the most popular iGaming hosting locations too.

Choosing a gambling website hosting location


NetShop ISP, a globally established Cloud & Infrastructure provider, announces the launch of a brand new Webinar Series with interesting topics for the Forex industry professionals; brokers, traders & suppliers.

“Along with the successful launch of the “InsightS iGaming Webinar Series” intended for the iGaming and Gambling sector, the new Forex Webinar Series will cover technology topics in a non-technical way. Our goal is to educate the Forex industry professionals about new technology tools and services and their adoption within the Forex ecosystem.”

said Katerina Burtsava, Head of Sales at NetShop ISP

First Webinar: Understand the Benefits of Low Latency Trading in Forex Trading

The first webinar will address a hot topic…

Server Hosting in the Netherlands vs. Germany

Choosing the right website host is a lot more than just finding the cheapest deal, there’s a bunch of things that you need to consider — one of those being their datacenter and server locations. A great hosting provider and the right hosting location are essential when it comes to the success of your website, but with so many popular hosting locations, which one is right for you?

In this article we’ll look at two of the most popular hosting locations, the Netherlands and Germany, and compare the two to see which one is the best hosting location for you.

What makes a popular hosting location

How to Upgrade your VPS Server

A Virtual Private Server (VPS) offers greater flexibility than a physical bare-metal dedicated server, when it comes to scaling and upgrading. Watch our latest video tutorial to learn how you can easily upgrade your VPS within myNetShop; our intuitive self-service hosting management portal.

About myNetShop Self-service Portal

myNetShop is an intuitive, purpose-built, self-service portal to manage your Web Hosting, VPS and Dedicated Servers, communicate with our 24/7 customer service team and pay for your Invoices.

Why VPS Hosting?

Virtual Private Server Hosting is a great option if you are looking to host your website or application with the minimum resources at the lowest possible cost. …

Published on Wed Dec 18 2019
Updated on Tue Apr 20 20

A fully secure cyber security is important to every business today. It is explained in this article that having cyber security is an advantage in business competition. Meaning, those companies that don’t prioritize having a virtual shield can suffer from possible consequences. Business losses can be a clear impact of it.

Will Foret, the author-contributor of that Forbes article, emphasizes that cyber security should be considered as a form of business continuity. …

NetShop ISP attending iFX EXPO Dubai to Showcase Forex VPS

The leading Infrastructure Hosting provider will be attending the iFX EXPO in Dubai to showcase its world-class Forex VPS solution.

The largest global B2B Fintech Conference will be held at the exclusive 5-star Grand Hyatt Hotel in Dubai on the 19th and 20th of May 2021. This year’s expo is set to connect top-level executives from the most prominent firms worldwide.

“We really missed attending physical events in 2020. After our exhibition and presence at several virtual events in the last 12 months, we are excited for our upcoming tour in Dubai to meet existing customers and partners, as well…

How to get FREE Let’s Encrypt SSL Certificate

If you’re reading this you’ve probably realized that your website needs an SSL certificate, but are just not quite ready to add another expense to your list. So keep reading to find out how to secure your website with a free SSL certificate.

What is SSL?

SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer and is used to create a secure connection between the web browser and the server. It’s often thought that a website only needs an SSL if it’s requesting sensitive information like credit card details, but actually that’s not the case.

An SSL is essential for data integrity and privacy, and should…

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