A flourishing hub not just for iGaming, but for industries such as blockchain, artificial intelligence (AI) and financial services, it also enjoys one of the strongest economies in Europe.

For the last 14 years, it has been a top center for online gaming and its gaming license is considered a gold standard in the global industry.

But what makes both Malta and its license so special, and why should you consider applying for a Malta gaming license?

Malta’s iGaming license

There are a number of reasons why acquiring a Maltese online gaming license is a benefit. Firstly, the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) is…

A recent business research report by Fortune Business Insights (FBI) the online gaming market to be worth over $158 billion by 2028, with Europe as a leader in the market share. The global pandemic and the subsequent government-led lock downs have affected the traditional land-based gambling market and resulted into a massive shift of players into online gambling.

As per the FBI’s report, “[An] article published by New York University revealed that digital gambling platforms have gained speedy momentum in Canada after the coronavirus broke out. In Australia, according to a report by Concordia University, Canada, spending on online casinos…

How to Install pfSense Firewall on VPS or Dedicated Server

What is pfSense

pfSense® is a free, open source software based on FreeBSD to be used as a firewall and router. pfSense comes with an intuitive and powerful web interface which makes it easy to configure and further manage the Firewall, VPN and Routing options without requiring any UNIX administration knowledge.

The current stable release is pfSense 2.5.

What pfSense Can Do

pfSense is a great, open-source software to use when looking for a robust, yet cost-effective solution to use for the following use cases:

  • VPN to setup secure remote access for accessing critical servers within your datacenter, or allowing employees to securely work from home. …

What is Forex VPS Hosting

It’s no secret that traders are always looking for ways to optimize their trading environment for the best possible performance, in order to eliminate slippage and increase profits. Whether you’re new to the industry or an experienced trader, you’ve probably already heard a lot about Forex VPS Hosting. In this article we’ll break down what exactly Forex VPS Hosting is, and how it greatly benefits Forex traders.

What is VPS Hosting

A Virtual Private Server (VPS) is a form of hosting where one physical server is partitioned with hypervisor technology to create multiple virtual servers, each with their own set resources. …

NetShop ISP Partners with Spotware for cTrader Optimized VPS

NetShop ISP, the leading Cloud Hosting & Data Center Services Provider, announces the availability of Forex VPS (Virtual Private Server) service, fully optimized for cTrader; Spotware’s flagship trading platform.

NetShop ISP’s Forex VPS service is offered through the company’s Data Centers in London (United Kingdom), Amsterdam (The Netherlands), Singapore and the United States. Traders using the cTrader platform can now benefit from ultra low latency and full compatibility of their Virtual Private Server with cAlgo.

“The addition of a cTrader-Optimized Forex VPS Service for cAlgo and cBots is a major step for both of our companies as it is granting…

How to Monitor TCP and UDP Connections in Linux Server (Real-time)

As a web hosting provider we work closely with our customers who, in majority, are system administrators and network engineers. One of the most frequent challenges a Linux server administrator will face, is the monitoring of network connections/sockets on the server to identify and resolve bottlenecks.

In this article we explain, in simple words, what TCP and UDP are and how you can monitor the activity on your Linux server in real-time.

What is TCP and UDP?

The Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) and the User Datagram Protocol (UDP) are both network protocols responsible for data transfers between an end-user’s device to a web server.


Colocation or ‘colo’ as it’s commonly referred to, is essentially a service where space is leased out in data centers to house servers and other equipment. This method of hosting is typically utilized by businesses and corporations that have their own hardware, but do not wish to keep it within their own premises. Typically businesses can opt to rent space per unit, cabinet or rack, depending on their needs.

By opting for Colocation, businesses can ensure that their equipment is optimally stored in highly-secure, premium facilities. …

All-inclusing Cyber Protection with Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud

Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud is the only solution that natively integrates cybersecurity, data protection, and management to protect endpoints, systems, and data. This synergy eliminates complexity, so service providers can protect clients better while keeping costs down.

Updating cPanel License on VPS/Dedicated Server

In this article we will show how to easily update your server’s cPanel License. This is needed in cases when you are switching from a trial cPanel license to a paid one, switching from one license provider to another, or when you are dealing with the renewal of an expired license.

Pre-requisites / What You Need To Have

  1. Root or root-privileged account on server
  2. SSH Access
  3. A valid cPanel license

Step 1. Verify cPanel License

Firstly, you need to check if your VPS/Dedicated Server has a valid cPanel License. To do so, follow these steps:

  1. Go to https://verify.cpanel.net/ via your PC Browser
  2. Enter your Server’s IP Address in the corresponding text box…
Winners Announced for Ultimate FinTech Awards 2021

Today, 10th of June 2021, Ultimate FinTech Awards announced the Winners of the 2021 Awards.

The 2021 FinTech Awards included 3 main categories; Global Awards, Regional and Country-level Awards.

Among the winning entries, industry-leading firms appear in the spotlight:

  • FXCM — Broker of the Year, Best Customer Service, Best Trading Platform
  • XM — Best Trading Experience 2021
  • eToro — Best Copy Trading Platform, Best Multi-Asset Trading Platform
  • Scope Markets — Best Broker Vietnam
  • EuropeFX — Most Trusted Broker Germany
  • Tradeo — Most Trusted Broker United Kingdom

For the full list of 2021 Winners visit the official website.

About Ultimate FinTech

Ultimate FinTech is…

NetShop ISP

Web Hosting, Servers, Colocation & Data Center Services (www.netshop-isp.com.cy)

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