9 Job Opportunities in the iGaming Industry

For now, the success of iGaming is limited to a few countries because of various legal and regulatory issues. For now, iGaming is big in Europe and a few African countries. But some states in America are embracing the industry not just for the earning potential it brings to the local government but also for the opportunities it brings to the state’s constituents. There are so many job opportunities in this niche.

iGaming is a niche and implies a more technical expertise. However, when operating a business, it doesn’t just involve the technical aspect of the company — there are other opportunities for a wide range of individuals. So here are some job opportunities people can apply for in the iGaming industry:

  1. Payments analyst

iGaming is more of an online industry that will still require a payments analyst. The job includes creating financial records, posting financial transactions, producing income statement and balance sheet reports, and checking statements for accuracy. It is also the job of the payments analyst to receive payments and reconcile accounts. In the online industry, payments are usually done electronically but it is still important for an iGaming company to keep at least one payments analyst (or more depending on how big the business is) to look at the accounts.

  1. Web analyst

Now this is definitely a technical position. The web analyst is responsible for analyzing web development maintenance — that involves development cost, staffing and technological needs. This is very important because the iGaming industry is an online-based trade. The web analyst’s inputs are also important in marketing strategies.

  1. Customer service representative

This is a job that is not specific to the iGaming industry, but this is also an important part of the business. There will also be a lot of questions when it comes to the industry — from the specific game to the generic business. It is important that every iGaming company have a few customer service representatives to answer queries and help solve some problems related to the game.

  1. iGaming project manager

This job may be technical but it is also a lot of fun. It involves immersing one’s self to multiple gaming projects — current and those still in development. The job involves detailing timelines for the development of a game and managing the process so deadlines will be met. Immersion is important so that the timeline set will be doable and not just a product of one’s assumption. The project manager will also ensure quality outcome.

  1. Events coordinator

Not all iGaming companies need this but the bigger companies might. This is an essential position for companies who host iGaming conferences, workshops and competitions. The events coordinator doesn’t just organize the event, they will also help conceptualize events that will not only help boost the company’s profile but will also boost the reputation of iGaming as a whole. The coordinator will also organize internal meetings to ensure the success of events.

  1. Casino product manager

The role involves managing the online casino by strategizing ways on how to optimize iGames as well as online content for the enjoyment of the players. This will involve games selection — knowing which ones will bring in more players — and display. This role also entails being updated on the latest online casino news that will impact the business.

  1. Agile test engineer

This is another fun yet very technical job. This entails actually testing the product to its full potential to ensure that when it goes lives, there will be no problems in the technical aspect. The job includes assessment of software or product functions, performance and service. The fun aspect might as well be included, too. The test engineer will then provide feedback to improve the product or prepare it for finishing touches.

  1. UX designer and developer

iGamers will not stay with an online game if it is difficult to understand and maneuver. This role is to help improve iGaming facilities and make it more convenient and fun for gamers. The task includes wireframes, designs and code proofs.

  1. Research analyst

This job entails being ahead of the iGaming trends because the digital world is fast-paced. iGaming companies need to implement strategies to ensure that they will not be left behind especially when competition abounds.

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